The Ark, The Tabernacle, Moses, The Promise, and an Experience


Our Mission:
To reach the nations in such a time as this. As we see our country buckle under plague, suffering, and without true spiritual leadership, the occasion has arisen to offer a true experience that will bring those who belong to the Kingdom: truth, guidance, and a renewed life in the instructions found within the Gospel of the Kingdom. We want to offer what many can understand to be a real life replica of what brought new life and hope to the Hebrews as Moses brought them out of a life of slavery and into a golden new life offered to them into the Kingdom of Life, Liberty, and Justice which they never knew before. From slavery to wilderness to entry into the Promised land. This Tabernacle Experience recreated here in the heart of our land, in Colorado Springs, is our vision and put it together once again with the Feast of Tabernacles, camping together with the nations with having the full size Tabernacle amongst the camping participants actually involved with the daily activities that the Hebrews did 3500 years ago.


Plan of Action:
To build an actual Biblical scale reproduction of the entire traveling Tabernacle as accurate to scale as was directed to Moses. This reproduction will be used first during the Feast of Tabernacles also known as Sukkot in the Colorado Springs area but can be offered to other venues during the rest of the season throughout the mid-western portions of the United States.


Our Needs:
Since most of the engineering, design, construction schedule, artisans, and vendors have been researched and in some cases secured, our need is participation and financial involvement. Final costs will be finalized and detailed once we have the investment activity procured. At this time our final numbers vary in estimate ranges because of unknown opportunities. We would very much entertain donors who would like to fund actual units that make up this complete project under our guided management so as to obtain the full design that is researched and developed. Final numbers will match final designs.


Final notes:
What this project is not; A Melodrama, a carnival exhibition, or an avenue for advertising one’s name, heritage or business. This is to bring the Good News by way of replication of the original Tabernacle for a person to experience without distraction that society offers today. This will be used to target the young and old, all faiths and persons seeking the Truth and how it was first taught by our Almighty God to the Hebrews when they were released from the grip of Pharaoh and his kingdom into the Kingdom of God. The messages shared will be all from the biblical text itself with no added addendums. There will be live animals for the children to experience. There will be “hands on” demonstrations such as the making of the Show Bread, the examination of the animals for imperfections, the laying on of hands by the fathers of each family, viewing of the Ark within the Holy of Holies through a window at the rear of the Tabernacle Tent, experiencing incense in the inner room, keeping the altar fire going 24 hours each day, grinding of wheat into fine sifted flour by actual historic grinding stones by the children, places around the outside of the courtyard for people to consider their experience and what their next faith move will be and then attend assorted short lessons in Torah teachings and how to newly involve themselves with the Messiah without the religious system influences. This is but a small sampling of experiences that will be offered within this physical Message of Hope that the Wilderness Tabernacle will present.

$200,000 project

Ark (yellowed bronze):  $25k

Menorah (yellowed bronze):  $29k

Sacrificial Alter (wood):  $1500

Incense Alter (wood):  $1000

Table of Showbread (wood):  $500

Brazen Laver (composite):  $1000

Alter Utensils:  $500

Tent of Meeting:  $60k

Tent Assembly Hardware:  $30k

Transportation/Storage Trailers w/ Promotional Wrap:  $28,000

Advertising Budget:  $8k

Registration Building:  $4k

$52,000 to start - $2,400

$25,000 for the Tent of Meeting

$12,500 for Ark of the Covenant

$14,500 for Menorah