Pricing Plans

Adults are considered 20yrs and older, Young adults 13yrs-19yrs, Youth 5yrs-12yrs, and children 4yrs and younger. 

Full Event Pass (up to 13 days/12 nights of camping)

Adult: $225

Young Adult: $125

Youth: $25

Child: FREE

Pick Your Days Pass (with camping, access from 8:30a on your first day to 10p on the day after your last night of camping)

Adult: $40/night of camping

Young Adult: $25/night of camping 

Youth: $10/night of camping

Child: FREE

Special Weekend Pass (8:30a on 10/2 or 10/9 to 10p on 10/4 or 10/11, including 2 nights camping)

Adult: $100/weekend

Young Adult: $55/weekend 

Youth: $15/weekend

Child: FREE

One-Day Pass (no camping, 8:30a-10p each day)

Adult: $40/day

Young Adult: $25/day 

Youth: $10/day

Child: FREE

Group Discount Day Pass - Not Shabbat (8:30a - 10p each day EXCEPT 10/3 and 10/10, for minimum of 5 adults + young adults and children registering at same time, no camping)

Adult: $26.80/person/day (instead of $40)

Young Adult: $16.75/person/day (instead of $25) 

Youth: $6.70/person/day (instead of $10) 

Child: FREE

Shabbat Group Discount Pass (8:30a - 10p on 10/3 or 10/10, for minimum of 5 adults + young adults and children registering at same time, no camping)

Adult: $26.80/person (instead of $40)

Young Adult: $16.75/person (instead of $25) 

Youth: $6.70/person/day (instead of $10) 

Child: FREE

Optional Electrical (for RVs, and tenters with medical needs)

Standard:  110v 20 amp: $35/event

RV:  110v (x2) 50 amp:  TBD

Cost is for hookup and use of electrical regardless of the number of days used.  Standard 110-115 volt devices can be safely plugged into 20 amp service.  Important: If you require 110v 30 amp, you must bring a 50 amp to 30 amp adapter.  CLICK HERE for an example

Please note:  We are charged a fee of 2.9% to process your registration payment, which will be added to your registration payment.

Thanks for your payment! It’s all helping to make this community Sukkot event possible.

What Does My Registration Fee Cover?


Your registration fee for Sukkot of the Rockies 2020 includes access to: all teachings, workshops, and volunteer-led on-site activities; breakfasts provided and potluck dinners (meat is provided); your camping space (multiple tents, RV, both); onsite restrooms and non-pay showers, online recordings of all teachings (for Full Event passholders], and unlimited fellowship with other like-minded believers from all over the southwest and beyond.

OK, let’s deal first with the proverbial  ‘elephant in the room’ one is getting paid to speak, teach, or perform at Sukkot of the Rockies, in fact we’re all paying our own way, even those of us who will have been working for more than six long months to make this awesome event happen.  The registration fee is simply to cover the cost of renting the wonderful facility for two whole weeks, as well as for certain infrastructure we need to bring in.  


IF you are truly in need of Financial Assistance in order to attend, we will consider everyone on a case-by-case basis and give as much as we are able.    IF you are able, please Donate to our benevolence fund so we’ll have more to give. 


Some details of Sukkot of the Rockies are still being finalized and we are adding to and revising as we get closer to the event.  We have done our best to assure that the information on this website is accurate, and it is updated as needed.   As well, this event will be what we all bring to it.  Please be flexible as we all work together to establish this Feast site for the first time, and know that due to availability, scheduling, weather, and other factors, no specific activity or amenity mentioned is specifically guaranteed.  Thank you for understanding.


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