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Bring your own instrument to worship along with us or on your own around the camp! 


Join in with singing, dancing, and playing whatever instrument with which you praise! 


This is not about performance, but a people celebrating the majesty of our King.


Bring your instruments, and your talents, from novice to virtuoso. 


There are many opportunities for everything from impromptu jam sessions all the way up to stage playing. 

We will be organizing the worship team at the begining of the event; audition times will be announced at the orientation 


If you’re musical or A/V technical in any way and want to serve with these gifts at Sukkot, please contact Mike Schoening at mikeschoening@me.com

There will be musical teams organized in camp during the Feast, so NO ONE will be left out who wants to worship in song...cause that's how we roll! 

Sukkot of the Rockies 2019
Watch:  Music Coordinator Mike Schoening Invites You to Join the Band!