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Evening Service

No keynote speakers.  No highly-organized programs.  No professional bands.  Just the simplicity of followers of Y'shua/Jesus worshiping the King of kings in freedom and unity.


We believe that the Evening Service will be the absolute highlight of each day of the Feast, and what makes Sukkot of the Rockies truly a unique conference.  We are going to let the Ruach haKodesh (Holy Spirit) lead us, and the active participation of EVERYONE in the camp is encouraged!


There will be prayer, Scripture reading, music, dancing, performances, and more, as well as an open forum for sharing testimonies and whatever else the Spirit lays on the hearts of both young and old.


This is where we all get the chance to come together as Brothers and Sisters of the family of YHVH, a Kingdom of Priests, to minister unto Him and to each other.


You may have heard the term "Organic Church".  People talk about it, and it seems to be what the first century Believers practiced.  Yet, congregational and conference settings don't tend to provide the freedom necessary for it to truly happen.  Well, the grand experiment of Sukkot of the Rockies is to let the Spirit flow throughout the camp, all day, every day.  And our Evening Service will be the daily culmination of our true worship.


May His Kingdom come, His will be done, on Earth as it is in Heaven!