What To Bring


  • A Sukkah - Tent, RV, etc...​

  • Your own camping chair

  • Reusable water bottle, coffee mug, etc

  • Reusable plates/bowls/utensils to GREATLY cut down on trash/waste

  • Extra sleeping gear/clothing for colder nights (blankets, stocking cap, gloves, warm socks, etc)

  • Modest clothing - we recommend layers as the Colorado weather changes often and can reach both weather extremes throughout each day. Pack for hot and sunny afternoons, but be sure to plan for cool or even cold nights.  (Snow is very unlikely in this season and region, but it is possible.)

  • Sharpies, “luggage tags”, or other kinds of labeling for your camping chairs and other personal items that might leave your campsite

  • A cushion to kneel/sit on - we will be in humble prayer each day 

  • Food - some food is provided; breakfast - oatmeal, bananas, coffee and tea.  For an evening meal we will come together as a family potluck, SOTR will provide the meat.  We will be close enough to stores for you to resupply, and we encourage attendees to work together to plan, prepare, and enjoy fellowship meals together.



  • Camping Gear 

  • Toilet paper

  • Fire starter - 2020 Colorado has a fire ban so no campfires

  • Tent heater (legal and safe)

  • Pillows

  • Sleeping Bag

  • Sunscreen

  • Bug Spray

  • Flashlights/Lanterns

  • First Aid Kit

  • Shofar (bring it even if you don't know how to blow it. We'll have classes!)

  • Cookware

  • Ice Chest

  • Drinking water - we will have some provided but we encourage you to bring more.  The water at the camp is "non-potable".

  • "Strong Drink" if you wish to consume alcohol

  • Tarps

  • Bible and notebooks

  • Musical Instruments 

  • Yard games - think volleyball, corn hole, footballs, etc...

  • Hiking shoes or boots

  • Toiletries, baby wipes, and other hygienic items; showers are provided but we request limited use so we all can have time to access.

Weather and Conditions

Colorado has is all, including all types of weather! We are in the arid mountain plateau, so in October daytimes can be quite sunny and warm, and you may need to apply sunscreen often. Our venue does not have trees so shade is however you can make it. Evenings are usually cool and can even be chilly, so pack warm clothes. Snow and rain are not a big possibility that time of

year but can happen, so plan accordingly.  Southern Colorado living is all about “layers” so you can keep yourself comfortable throughout the day.

Also keep in mind the high altitudes of our location. The event venue is in Fountain, CO at an altitude of about 5300ft. We encourage you to bring your own water bottle to stay hydrated, as your body requires more water at elevation. It could be helpful to bring a backpack to store your layers, sunscreen, and water.  And know that the oxygen level here is about 25% less than at sea level (and it’s 50% less on the top of Pikes Peak), so you may need some days to acclimate before too much physical exertion.

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If you would like to attend and need a way to camp, please contact us as we have a few options available.  First come, first serve.