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Campsite Amenities

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The Five Star Equestrian Center, 18550 Midway Road, Fountain Colorado


Among the highlights:  Central location, mild weather that time of year, extremely safe and secure, tent and RV camping sites with electric, bathrooms and showers, indoor and outdoor meeting spaces, and lots of room to grow in future years, to name but a few.  


To that we will be adding as much fun stuff as everyone wants to bring and share.  And literally right across the street you can go trail riding on horses (they rent the horses), and walk or bike other trails.  


Do you own toys, games, sporting goods, and the like?  What about an extra tent or even an RV that others could utilize?    If you can contribute anything that you have might be fun or useful for the camp, please email and let us know you’ll be bringing it with you for community use.