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Kingdom of Priests

A large Feast of Tabernacles site in the Southwest U.S.?  Yes, that’s right…Sukkot of the Rockies 2019 is coming very soon and we are so excited to celebrate with you!

The event will be held at PPIR, the Pikes Peak International Raceway, from October 11th all the way to October 24th, in order to accommodate those on different calendars, while also allowing ample time for setup and tear down. You may join us for whichever dates you wish and we encourage you to stay for at least the week that you consider to be Sukkot; the Full Event Pass covers all 13 days/12 nights!


We’ll have lots of activities and teachings onsite, as well as daily optional offsite trips to appreciate the dynamic beauty of Southern Colorado. There’s both tent and RV camping available with electric, full bathroom facilities, and much more.  It’s a secure, centrally located spot to gather together in the wilderness at the foot of the mountains.  It’s like epically Biblical!

Prophetically, Sukkot/Tabernacles points to the millennial reign of Y’shua/Jesus, while also looking back to the Israelites post-Exodus journey through the wilderness, and commemorates what many believe to be the actual time of Messiah’s birth.  So as we assemble to worship our King as a Kingdom of Priests (Exodus 19:6. 1 Peter 2:9, Revelation 1:6), we will truly seek to manifest Heaven on Earth, all bringing our best and serving others with our gifts…the organic Ecclesia in action!

And since you probably wanted to ask: Sukkot of the Rockies is NOT associated with any denomination, ministry, or specific congregation. It’s a grassroots project birthed from the heart of our Father and executed with love by everyone who felt the call AND stepped forward to help make it happen. Even in the planning we witnessed the Kingdom manifest!


So…if you can’t be in Jerusalem for Sukkot this year, then come fellowship in unity with other Kingdom Citizens as we tabernacle together at the foot of the spectacular Colorado Rockies in clear view of Pikes Peak, “America’s Mountain”.


Please register now to reserve your spot at the event (space is limited), and we’ll continue to update you with more important information as Sukkot approaches.  Shalom!


OK, this is where we think we may have gone off into the deep end of total awesomeness:  Every single one of us at the Feast will be encouraged, counseled, and prayed over by other attendees to fully recognize our unique Kingdom gifting(s) and to serve with them in some significant way. 


Say it with us, “Kingdom of Priests”!   We didn’t make this up, it's a major part of the Gospel of the Kingdom, and the Bible uses this phrase in both the Torah (5 books of Moses) and the book of Revelation to describe us!   We are peculiar Priests for sure, serving the Kingdom of Heaven in our earthy assignments. We are also Ambassadors for Messiah, and so, just like Him, we are to all be servant leaders.


If this makes your heart sing, yeah, it does that to ours too!  But it also might make you a little fearful, especially if you are not sure what your gifts are. No worries, come with a willing heart, ready to love the Almighty with everything you got, and your neighbor as yourself, and the Ruach (Spirit) along with your Brothers and Sisters will help you see the greatness you were created to walk in. 


Do you have a specific artistic talent?  Proficient in sports?  Are you a craftsman?  A coach or counselor?  What about an auto-mechanic?  Great chef?  Teacher?  What do you think your gifts are, and how would you like to serve with them at Sukkot?  Please let us know at:  Info@SukkotOfTheRockies.org


Sukkot of the Rockies is designed to activate you for the Kingdom! 


We all know the drill…stuck trying decide which teaching or activity to attend, or maybe the conversation you’re having is just too good to leave, or it’s simply time for a nap.


No worries, Sukkot of the Rockies 2019 teachings will be recorded and NOT sold to you for an additional fee.  All audio and video recordings of the Feast’s teachings will be available to stream or download from our website.

(Full Event Pass registration required for this bonus)


Some details of Sukkot of the Rockies are still being finalized and we are adding to and revising as we get closer to the event.  We have done our best to assure that the information on this website is accurate, and it is updated as needed.   As well, this event will be what we all bring to it.  Please be flexible as we all work together to establish this Feast site for the first time, and know that due to availability, scheduling, weather, and other factors, no specific activity or amenity mentioned is specifically guaranteed.  Thank you for understanding.


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